Bernt Sandberg AB is an enterprise of service, solving our customer's plumbing and heating problems. We're situated in northern Sweden, and specialize in pellet burners, pellet stoves, and pellet centrals.

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Pellet centrals are suitable for schools, industrial buildings, etc. A pellet central includes, amongst other things,

pellet burner with effect up to 300 kW,
fully automatic fuel feed with feeding screw up to 30 m,
specially adapted silo for simple fuel reload from bulk truck,
complete electrical wiring, and pipes for fuel and water,
esthetically disposed buildings.

The pellet central is prefabricated and then transported to the heating site. Consequently, the pellet central can after quite uncomplicated preparations be lifted and transported to some other site, if need be. The investment in the pellet central is therefore not lost if the heating site is discontinued or changes activity.

Pellet central
A pellet central. Furnace and pellet burner in the left hand building, a sack silo which contains 25 cubic metres of pellets in the right hand building.
Heating site
The central heats up a 2500 square metre school all year round. Approximately 80 tons of pellets are consumed each year.

Click here to calculate your required pellets consumption, based on your present consumption of electricity or oil.

Fuel for the environment
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